Where does the chatbot get the customer information for data tags?

This article explains where the chatbot gets the customer information used in data tags.

When a customer has a conversation with the chatbot, you can choose to have the customer fill in information and save it using Custom Fields. This information is stored in your Watermelon platform. You can also (at later contact moments) give the information back to the customer by building in Custom Fields.

When a customer enters data at the first contact moment, the chatbot will remember this data and be able to reproduce it when the customer contacts you again. Thus, the data is given to the chatbot by the customer himself. Subsequently, the data ends up in the Watermelon platform and can be retrieved when the customer contacts it again, for example.

Which data exactly is stored and can be used depends on what information you request from your customers. This can be anything and you can decide what you want to retrieve! When information is retrieved, it ends up in 'My Contacts', as shown in the image below.

Customer Tags

When Jack Recher initiates a new conversation with the chatbot, the chatbot can reuse the already known information, for example, to change an email address.